Welcome to my site.

My name is Jim and I have been a photographer and writer periodically nearly all of my adult life. I have an unending curiosity about the world around me and a desire to show it to other people the way I see it.

I am not a pixel peeper or a gear head. I really believe that having the latest and greatest equipment does not matter, much. Great photos have been made forever with gear that is totally inferior to what we have available today. So don’t’ get hung up on the gear.

I shoot mostly digital and some film. The medium doesn’t matter, its all about the image.

Don’t try t find me on social media. The only thing I have is an Instagram account, I am not interested in being an “influencer” , it’s a place to put some of my photography and view other photographer’s work. Follow me if you like.

I will, from time to time post about things other than photography. Some of the things I have an interest in are; books, motorcycles, and Jazz. I may write about Tennis (a sport I played somewhat competitively in my younger years) or even local travel and road trips – another thing I love to do. So it might be fun to hang around for awhile.

I intend to publish a photography book or two over the next couple of years – so stick around for that if you like.

Anyway, have a look around the site, participate in the blog by leaving a comment or two. I promise to respond to every comment. Check out some of the different pages, and have a great time.

Thanks for visiting and remember to see the world your own way. 

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