Ultimately I am better off for having left that company.

I’ve been on a break of undetermined length due to a confluence of events, like self inflicted unemployment starting last August (2020). Really, quitting your job in the middle of a pandemic and a crashing economy is not a good idea. However staying in a position with a toxic management team is not really a viable option for the long term.

After finding a position that was in my field and, career-wise, a lateral move, it turned out that the company was a complete administrative mess and after about a month and a half we agreed that the relationship was not a good fit for either of us so I moved on. I moved on into a ridiculous position that was in a completely different industry and completely beneath my skillset and abilities – I made it about three weeks before throwing in the towel after taking a long look at myself and wondering what exactly was I doing.

Then, after a few more applications, a recruiter reached out to me and I finally landed in a position in my industry at a slight increase in compensation over my last position, with what, so far, appears to be a good company with some pretty good perks and benefits too. So, hopefully I am over that hump.

While I was unemployed, I tried to make a little side money with photography, which I have done before. It didn’t work this time and I have to say the “pandemic economy” probably played a large part in that situation. 

I threw myself into that venture with intensity and with no reward, in the situation I was in, I quickly reached the burn out point with photography. Which led me to sell off my entire Sony kit. I did so with the intention of using the money to help out with expenses, even though my wonderful wife assured me that it wasn’t necessary. Ultimately though, without photography, I was able to concentrate on my job search and it did pay off so, there’s that.

So, now that I am appropriately employed again it’s time to delve back into photography. Of course, this also means picking up where I left off in the blog because suddenly, I. Have an brain full of topics that I want to write about and share.

First and foremost is assembling another kit. This time it will be all about the micro four thirds format, for very specific reasons both objective and subjective. Ive already purchased a (new) camera and lens. So there will be a user review coming soon. Also despite my dire predictions for film photography, I am gong to use and talk about some older and interesting film cameras. I have a goal in mind for that medium too.

JPEG from an upcoming film camera review

I’m also thinking about some educational posts too, regarding the technical side of photography, and we’ll taking a deep dive into home printing, which is something I do quite a bit.

I will be continuing a series I started based on the idea “photographers you should know” and have a few in mind, but those posts require a huge amount of research, especially if you are writing about a living person. So, that will probably be awhile before I can get back to that.

So I guess for those of you who read and comment on my blog, stay tuned, I think you are going to like the new direction.

Let me know if there’s anything you would like to discuss or read.

As always, stay safe, and see the world your own way.

Thanks for reading