Single Image Sunday

Recently I had just about enough of quarantine and isolation. Though my wife and I don’t really go out to eat all that much. Having a good meal in a restaurant is a simple thing that we have missed greatly. Not to say that during the recent months of quarantine we haven’t had the occasional take-out or drive through fast food.

Sometimes, enough is enough. Fortunately, we live in an area where COVID-19 has not been all that bad as far as active cases or mortality. Common sense being our guide though, even after restaurants were allowed to reopen with limited seating, we took our time and gauged the risk, waiting to see if there were going to be any spikes or hotspots.

About two weeks ago in our first real foray to an actual dining establishment, we picked a local Noodle House, that we had been wanting to try before the pandemic.

I am pleased to report that the staff and customers were reasonably observing social distancing and all of the staff and most of the customers were wearing masks, greatly increasing our comfort level.

To complete the experience, the food was great. While today’s image is a cell phone shot that wasn’t really well composed, and I had to explain to my wife “yes I am taking a picture of my food” (lol) the photo still means something to me – a simple bowl of noodle soup might just be the beginning of better times ahead.

Stay safe and see the world your own way.

Thanks for reading