Single Image Sunday

December 26, 2017. Canon 50D/EF 50mm f/1.8 – f/8,1/50.

Sometimes photographs take on meaning after the fact.

This particular image was taken in December of 2017.

It was a semi-planned image in that I drove past the location a couple of times every week. 

I actually visualized the image as being done in the fog, but after being patient for a couple of months, we never had a foggy morning. So I ended up settling for a rainy day.

My focus was of course the lines and arcs of the bridge. I probably took a total of 30 or so exposures that day trying to get it just right. In my mind, I didn’t. So during post when I selected this image as the best, I let it go at that.

Sometime later when I was looking at the image again, was when I finally, really noticed the autumnal tree at the opposite end of the bridge.

That’s when the image took on a new life for me and became much more interesting.

They say every image should tell a story. I don’t know of that’s actually true, but I think this photo does. It’s the story of change, of hope, and of renewal. The changing of the seasons and the promise of better things.

Or maybe it’s just a tree and a footbridge.

Feel free to leave a comment letting me know what you think.

Stay safe and see the world your own way.

Thanks for reading.

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