Single Image Sunday

Just a creepy image or a Symbol of the Times?

This was taken during my community’s emergence from COVID-19 restrictions. It was in the back of an antique mall. An area that is publicly accessible so, it wasn’t as if I was someplace that I wasn’t supposed to be or any thing.

This is an area that has some inventory for sale, but is in the back and from the looks of things, I assume this particular space is fairly cheap for the vendors.

As I saw this it made me more than uneasy for maybe some obvious reasons. considering the mood and stress of the times this particular composition seemed to take on a host of different meanings as I thought about it

We could probably assign a lot of lockdown and quarantine meaning to it.

Does it somehow apply to the Black Lives Matter movement?

Is there some sort of broad societal meaning other than that?

At the end of the day is it just a photo of some mannquins?

Photography should make you think. Sometimes your own images can do that. Is that a valid reason to make them? I would have to say that it is one of the best reasons to make them. Making the viewer think is great, but making the photographer think is better, that’s how we improve.

Stay safe and see the world you own way.

Thanks for reading.