Masks for Dummies in the Era of COVID-19

Well this isn’t a photography related post but it is an issue that is in the forefront right now and I think needs to be addressed.

No doubt we currently live in strange times. As I write this we are experiencing an upswing in Covid-19 cases and my state has made wearing masks or ”face coverings” in public mandatory.

Of course there are still members of the great illiterati that have a sufficiently low IQ so as to think that mask wearing is somehow a sign of weakness or represents a lack of masculinity or some other bit of ridiculousness. Well let me dispel that for you. If you aren’t worried about getting COVID-19 fine. I’m pretty certain that the rest of us don’t really care if you do or not. Guess what? This isn’t about you.

Wearing a mask is a sign of strength and the best way to “man up”. In case you didn’t notice, the mask is not necessarily supposed to protect you. That’s a side benefit. It’s for the protection of others, like your family. So don’t wear a mask and bring the disease home to your family and let them suffer. Oh, make sure that while a loved one is in hospital on a respirator that you remind them that you are the one who made them sick – so that they can further bask in your masculinity and strength.

Masculinity or manliness (if you like that word better) is not about taking chances and posturing. It is about taking care of those that you care about. That’s not a point for debate. Taking care of your loved ones usually requires sacrifice. It requires you to put others above yourself. So if you refuse to wear a mask when you need to, that actually is the ultimate sign of weakness and selfishness – in short you’re acting out and behaving like a petulant child.

Let’s address another bit of stupidity. I had a customer at my workplace recently who wasn’t wearing a mask and his response was “I won’t bow to tyranny” at which point we asked him to leave and told him he could call from the parking lot and we would be more than happy to help him that way.

Ok .. I almost get it. You don’t want to be told what to do. In a broad sense, neither do I, however this is a stupid hill on which to plant your flag.  I am pretty sure that you have auto insurance, wear a seatbelt, and pay income tax. The ship has already sailed on the whole “bowing” thing, dumbass. This is the stupidest position ever. 

Nowhere in the history of natural rights is the premise that you have the right to potentially harm someone else through negligence.

Are you one of those morons that thinks COVID-19 is a hoax of some sort? Get a grip. It is not a hoax. Stop the stupidity right there. COVID-19 is real, it exists, and people get sick and die from it. Statistically you probably don’t know anyone who has it – right now only one in about 450 Americans has it. If you don’t know anyone who is infected, it does seem nonexistent. Of course the problem here is that just because someone doesn’t show symptoms, doesn’t mean they aren’t infected and contagious. So, I guess if you want some sort of proof that it is not a hoax, go ahead and not wear a mask – that way, sooner or later you or someone you know will have it. 

So in the end, wearing a mask and social distancing are steps that work to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. It’s been proven, it works – period and it is the responsible thing to do.

– stay safe and see the world through you own eyes and thank you for reading.