Things Get In The Way

I can’t believe that its been over a year since I last updated the blog. As they say though, stuff happens.

First, if you read my Easter post from 2019, I talked a little bit about “Pete the Pilot”. Well, Pete’s dead. He died in a traffic accident protecting my wife and I. The accident broke my shoulder/collar bone pretty badly and I still have some pain and stiffness from the injury.  My wife is fine and didn’t even get so much as a scratch from the incident.

Next, I took a new position with a different company where I have more responsibilities than before (with a commensurate pay increase). With the new position, we had to relocate to a new city.

Then there’s the whole Coronavirus/COVID-19 thing. Fortunately we are essential workers at my company so, we haven’t seen some of the financial difficulties that some folks have.

Having said all that I think it’s time to start writing again.

Thanks for reading.