Photo News Update March 13, 2019


Here are some photography related news highlights from the last few days.

Leica – The venerable German camera manufacturer from Wetzlar just announced the new Q2, a second generation digital fixed lens compact camera with a full frame 47.3 megapixel sensor, a fixed 28mm f/1.7 Summilux lens, and a top ISO of 50,000. All for the low price of nearly $5K US.

Click here to view the Leica press release.

Leica Q2

Nikon – Some of the rumor sites are showing what are, supposedly, leaked images of what might be the Nikon Z 1 – a more entry level oriented Nikon mirrorless Z series camera that is, evidently, aimed at the EOS RP market segment and it might have a DX (APS-C) sensor. 

Flickr – Photo storage and social networking site Flickr (which was recently acquired by SmugMug) just announced that Creative Commons photos will be exempt from the recently imposed 1,000 image limit for free accounts. 

Click here for the Creative Commons post.

Also, deceased members are eligible for an “in memoriam” account that preserves their images, regardless of number, in perpetuity at no charge, even if they were a paying Pro member.

Click here for info on “in memoriam” accounts.

Meike – Chinese budget lens manufacturer Meike just announced an 85mm f/1.8 manual focus lens for the Sony E-mount APS-C. It looks, physically, as if aperture is controlled through the camera instead of the more traditional aperture adjustment ring normally found on manual focus lenses. According to early pre-release press coverage it should retail for under $200.00 USD.  

Link here

Meike 85
Meike 85mm f/1.8 e-mount lens

Yongnuo- Another Chinese manufacturer, who for the last several years, has made a name for themselves offering copies of Canon EF lenses at highly affordable prices, recently announced an Android powered camera with a Micro Four Thirds sensor and, a Canon EF lens mount. It may sound odd, but running an Android operating system, if it has full connectivity, may be the next big thing that pulls people from their phones and into a camera system with an interchangeable lens mount. No word yet on pricing or a press release from the company.


In the Internet Drama Department – Recently, YouTuber Tony Northrup posted a video involving National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry’s iconic Afghan Girl cover portrait from the 1980’s

In the video, Northrup mentions some interesting points possibly surrounding the circumstances under which the image was made.

The general internet consensus seems to be that Northrup’s video crossed a significant line and a few other YouTubers posted videos questioning his motives.

Northrup then took his original video down and reposted it a few days later with an additional explanation video.

Other than that the Northrup channel has been fairly quiet, and thus far McCurry’s team has remained mute on the subject, at least publicly.

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